How to keep enjoying your training

From time to time your motivation to train can dwindle, but don't worry – this is natural! How do you overcome this? Start back at the beginning... sometimes you have to think about why you are training in the first place!

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure you keep enjoying your training.

1) Find some training buddies

Training with other people has reams of benefits that not only keep your training on track, but also keep you enjoying your training!

One of the biggest benefits I find to having training partners is that you can hold each other accountable. On days when you feel like you could just skip the gym and go home, if you know your training buddies are waiting for you, then you'll push yourself to get into the gym because you don't want to let them down.

Most importantly, training with others is fun! Many of us get bored at 'Globo gyms' because of their anti-social nature. Everybody walks around with their heads down and headphones in. If you train with others, not only will you get that extra push in workouts, but you will make new friends at the same time.

2) Find some programming you enjoy

If you don't enjoy the workouts that you are doing, then you will quickly tire of them. There are a few factors that go into 'enjoying' the programming:

- Results: Is it getting you the results you want? If you are seeing positive changes, then chances are you will want to go back to the gym and keep doing it.

- Understanding: Do you understand the programming, or can your coach explain it? We often get bored of things we don't understand. If the programming doesn't make sense, seems randomly thrown together or the coach cannot explain why you are doing that session, you might want to find another place to train.

- Variety: Fun programming provides variety! Doing different movements and learning new skills keeps us engaged and interested in the gym. However, don't confuse variety with randomness. All good training programs should have a plan for progress. The challenge for the person doing your programming is keeping the workouts varied whilst working towards particular goals.

3) Enjoy the journey

The majority of us join a CrossFit gym for any number of reasons: to make friends, learn new skills, get stronger, faster, lose weight, gain muscle etc. We can all agree that we are all there to get some kind of result – an outcome from all your hard work is expected.

Training, health and fitness can feel like a rollercoaster ride. Some days and weeks will be better than others, but as long as you keep turning up, training hard and having fun, then you will get to where you want to be.

4) Be part of your community

Each CrossFit gym has its own community, a group of individuals with a common interest, whcih eventually grows into a strong network of friends. CrossFit is not just about going to the gym, throwing weights around, getting sweaty and taking the post-workout fetal position. It's about spending time with your friends and family both inside and outside the box. So get involved in as many community events as you can. Believe it or not, you don't have to even talk about CrossFit!

5) Apply your fitness!

You have worked hard for better health, fitness and vitality, so go out and use it! Whether you want to compete in CrossFit, run your first 5km, learn to rock climb, try a new sport, or perhaps you just want to be able to keep up with your children or grandchildren. Whatever it is, a whole new world is now open to you, so go and explore it!

Do you have any top tips? Let us know via the comments section