Roll on Monday! Wait... what?!?

Yep, you read it correctly...

It’s Saturday evening, which means tomorrow is Sunday, which means the next day is Monday….


Monday... Quite possibly the worst day of the week.

But not this weekend!

Because the end of this weekend brings the start of the first week of many exciting new developments for CrossFit 1864!

More time to train? This makes us happy!

Our new schedule starts on Monday! 

We will now be offering classes every day of the week.

Check out our updated schedule on our website: . 

Our unlimited membership package is now available!

More classes means more time for you to train! Email to upgrade your membership to unlimited and come hang out with us more!

Bring a Buddy in November 

I find CrossFit to be one of the most difficult things to describe when my friends and family ask about it. No matter how many times I practice my speech, they never seem to fully GET how amazing it really is. In my experience, the best and only way to give friends an understanding of what CrossFit is is to get them down for a workout.

Do you have any friends, family or co-workers that have asked what you do to stay in shape? Or do you know anyone that you think would enjoy CrossFit?? For the first two weeks of November (3 - 16 November), we want you to bring them down to train with you for free!

What do you need to do?

  • Email with the name and email address of the person/people (you can bring more than 1) you would like to come train with you so I can get them set up with an account
  • Your friend will need to come to the same classes that you are attending (they can't come to classes on their own - we want you to be there to encourage them!)
  • You will need to bring the same person for the entire 2 weeks. This will give them the best experience of what a full CrossFit programme looks and feels like. 
  • Only our current members can bring a buddy. If you don’t know a current member, please email to set up your free first session.

So many great moments already!

CrossFit 1864’s Grand Opening Party! 

Join us from 11 am on Sunday 9 November for our Grand Opening Party! We’ll have a Team WOD, Surprise Challenges (obstacle course, anyone?!) and a pitch-in picnic. Beer will probably be involved as well. I also hear that some of our members make cakes... #justsaying

Bring your friends, family, loved ones and anyone you think would like to give CrossFit a try. WODs and Challenges will be scalable for everyone from the most experienced to the beginner (or complete rookie) athlete.

The party is free, but please register here so we can get an idea of numbers.

BroSesh is Tomorrow!

Our second BroSesh Sunday is tomorrow! We’re looking forward to another awesome sesh, followed by some equally epic Byron burgers.

Sign up here to join us.

We’ll be throwing weights around and rocking out to the Who Squats to Sir Mix-A-Lot playlist from 11 am.

Roll on Monday!!