28 Oct 2014 - WOD

An epic second BroSesh! Join us for our next BroSesh Sunday on 30 November...


A) Beginner

A1) Front squat: 5 x 5
A2) Vertical pull

A) Intermediate

A1) Front squat: 3-5 sets @ 70-75% 1RM. Totalling 20-24 reps
A2) Vertical pull

B) 10 minute AMRAP:

10 Kettlebell overhead lunge, right arm
10 Kettlebell Push press, right arm
10 Kettlebell overhead lunge, left arm
10 Kettlebell push press, left arm

Advanced aim is 24/16kg
Intermediate aim is 20/12kg
Beginner aim is 16/8kg