Our Toy Box: Bars and Railings

One of the key aspects of CrossFit is the variety it offers to your training. As I tell all of our new athletes… In CrossFit, we work with olympic lifting, power lifting, and gymnastics. We throw things up in the air, we slam things down on the ground. We run fast, jump high, and row like our life depended on it. This variety is important for many reasons… 1) this means your fitness is diverse, bringing you closer to the hallowed state of GPP or General Physical Preparedness; 2) Your body won’t get bored. By constantly presenting your body with different stimuli, your fitness is less likely to plateau and you will continue to see improvements regardless of how long you train; and finally 3) you won’t get bored! You’re doing something new every day, whether it’s a new movement or a different rep scheme, so each time you come in to the box, you will be able to tackle a new challenge instead of just hitting the same circuits over and over AND OVER again.

As you guys know, CrossFit 1864 is unique in that it shares its space with the only dedicated Parkour space in London – the Chainstore London Academy of Parkour – and, because of this, we happen to have a lot of interesting toys... everything from crash mats and monkey bars, to ropes and sledge hammers. We thought it would be fun to team up with our good friends at Parkour to do a little video series on the different ways that we at CrossFit 1864 use this kit to develop strength and skills and how the guys at Parkour use the same kit, in slightly different ways, to accomplish similar goals with their practice. Whether you're CrossFit or Parkour, it's allll about the movement!

In each video, we'll 'introduce' you to a new piece of kit and show you the different ways we both use these to help our athletes. 

With some boxes, foam mats and a little bit of imagination, the possibilities are endless!

* Yes I know the video looks a bit like a school project.... we'll get better, I promise!