16 Dec 14 – Make a CrossFitter’s Dream Come True: A Christmas Gift Guide

Finishing up your Christmas shopping with a few last minute gifts for that special CrossFitter on your list? Or are you just starting your Christmas shopping, and in dire need of some quick ideas of the best things to get?! Or maybe, you have already purchased, wrapped and labelled all of your Christmas presents (you smug b*$tard) and want to get yourself a gift or two to celebrate how organised you were this year? Either way, CrossFit 1864 has you covered!

Below are our Top 10 Gift Ideas for the CrossFitter on your list...

Make a CrossFitter’s Dream Come True: A Christmas Gift Guide

10. Stocking Stuffers: Naked Ape Packs and Primal Kitchen Paleo bars
It’s Christmas day… your CrossFitter wakes up first thing in the morning and rushes out of their bedroom. Are they eager to open their presents?! Nope, they're hungry and eager to eat breakfast! So what better way to take care of them than stuffing their stocking full of Naked Ape and Primal Kitchen Bars. Nom nom nom.

9. Hand Maintenance: Give the gift of rip-proof hands
Make your special someone a hand maintenance care pack including: Tweezerman Comfort Callous Shaver for daily use, Goat tape for during WODs, and Climb on balm to take care of ripped hands.

8. Skipping ropes: What’s on the top of most CrossFitter’s wish lists to Santa? Double unders! Help your CrossFitter get theirs with a quality skipping rope. Get them a customised speed rope complete with their name on the cable from SGF Speed Ropes (you’ll need to know their height), or our favourite, Again Faster’s Revolution X Rope. 

7. Knee socks: Functional? Fashionable? A little bit of both? Regardless, we all love knee socks and you’ll be hard pressed to find a CrossFitter that hasn’t wished for a pair of their own.
Take the novelty route with Sox Box (I particularly like their Beast Mode pair) or get functional with compression socks from Rogue.

6. Mobility tools: Because nothing says Merry Christmas better than a torture device!
Give your CrossFitter the gift of mobility with lacrosse balls, resistance bands, and some crazy looking implements from MobilityWOD (we particularly like the supernova). Trust me, the pain face and curse words cast in your direction are actually signs of gratitude!

5. Nanos and Lifters: Did your CrossFitter go a bit googly-eyed reading our recent blog on the different types of shoes you see in CrossFit?
Have you noticed that they spend hours customising Nanos on the Reebok website, just to sigh emphatically and delete their project after hours of re-working the colour combinations? Give them what they've always wanted... a new pair of Nanos or Lifters 

4. A shopping trip to Lululemon. I feel like this needs no further explanation.
Everything in that shop is incredible.

3. Cookbooks: Never hear ‘I can’t think of anything to make for dinner’ again!
Paleo cookbooks are the gift that keeps on giving and there are some great ones out now. My longstanding favourite is Nom Nom Paleo, but I’ve also tried some great recipes from The Zenbelly Cookbook and Against All Grain.

2. A Barbell and/or gymnastics rings: Has your CrossFitter ever wanted to do some oly tekkers at home in the middle of the night, but sadly doesn’t have a barbell available? Or wanted to work on their static holds but needs a set of rings to make it happen?
Splash out and surprise them with their own barbell or a set of gymnastics rings. Good luck wrapping the barbell though….

1. CrossFit 1864 Kit: The Best Christmas Present Around. Fact.
Wearing CF1864 t-shirts and vests immediately adds 5 kg to every PB, improves your mobility, encourages full extension of the hips in Olympic lifts, and has been known to give athletes 15+ unbroken kipping muscle ups….

Alright, alright, so actually, that’s not COMPLETELY true… all of that comes through loads of training, practice and hardwork. BUT wearing CF1864 kit does make you look damn sexy…. Which is almost as good as all the other stuff :)


A) Hang power snatch: 3-5 x 5

B) Reverse snatch deadlift + hang power snatch: 3-5 x 2 + 1

C) In 10 minutes:
Run 800m
In remaining time, AMRAP:
5 Power snatch 40/30 kg
5 Down-ups
5 Pull-ups