20 Dec 14 - Beyond the Whiteboard and your Fitness Level

Enjoy today's blog (complete with pictures!) on Beyond the Whiteboard. This is the first in a series of blogs we will be publishing explaining Beyond the Whiteboard and all its different features you can use to help with your training. 

One of the many reasons we like Beyond the Whiteboard is their ‘Fitness Level’. This is a representation of your general level of fitness - complete with strengths and weaknesses - based on eight different categories: power lifts, olympic lifts, endurance, bodyweight, light, heavy, and long workouts.

Let’s take a look. Log in to your BtWB and follow along with the instructions as we go...

 When you log in, you are presented with this screen:


When you click on your ‘Fitness Level’ (the number in the top left) you are taken to a new screen that shows you a breakdown of this number. The bars in blue show areas of strength (in relation to your overall level) and red indicates areas of weakness (again, in relation to the overall level). If you do not have a bar in one of your categories, it is because you have not logged enough workouts of that kind; therefore, your Fitness Level may only be comprised of 3-4 different categories and so may not be completely accurate.


This Fitness Level is important, as this is how we differentiate our athletes into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and that dictates certain points on our programming (like the strength days!)

1-60 = Beginner level
61-80 = Intermediate level 
81+ = Advanced level

As you begin to fill in information for your eight Fitness Level categories, don’t be worried if you see your Fitness Level fall as well as rise. This is all part of creating an accurate picture of your strengths and weaknesses. That, and fitness is an undulating journey, not a steady progression…although that would be nice!

Breaking down your Fitness Level & Targeting Weaknesses

At the top of the screen is a menu bar, click ‘Analyse’ and then ‘Weaknesses’. From this screen you can start to identify the areas that you may need to focus on to increase your Fitness Level, but more importantly achieve a broad and well-rounded fitness (the goal of CrossFit!).

Take some time to look through the tables and read the information attached to each one.

If you have an area of weakness how do you go about addressing it?

1) Train CrossFit regularly and consistently: Yup, it’s obvious, but often overlooked. Coming in to the box once or twice a week isn’t going to cut it, no matter how hard you work during that session! Training consistently is the best way to progress.

2) Skill development: Skill is more often than not the limiting factor when it comes to progression in technical movements (snatch, clean, muscle-ups etc). So to improve this you obviously need to turn up to class, especially on our skills days, but you can also get some personal training sessions with the most awesome coaches around…. that’s me or Maria, obvs. 

Let us know if you have any questions about your Fitness Level or any questions about Beyond the Whiteboard in general. 

Now bring on the WOD!



A) Handstand skills

B) 5 rounds for time:

5 Power cleans (60/40 kg)

10 Front squats (60/40 kg)

30 second handstand hold

Rest 90 seconds