30 Dec 14 – The Whole Life Challenge: Finding the Right Level for you

Because it wouldn't be a Whole Life Challenge post without a motivational quote!

I have been speaking with a few people considering joining the Whole Life Challenge and I am often greeted with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. People are excited to try something new, to get closer to their goals, to develop a healthier lifestyle, but also many people are convinced that the Whole Life Challenge is about giving up all the foods they love, sacrificing going out with their friends and wondering if they will be able to go 8 weeks sticking to WLC’s guidelines.

Guess what guys? That’s what’s great about the Whole Life Challenge. Similar to the way we run our Nutrition Programming at CrossFit 1864, the Whole Life Challenge isn’t about ‘dieting’ for eight weeks. It’s about using an 8 week period to develop good habits that you will hopefully carry on for the rest of your life. And just like our nutrition programming, where you start your Whole Life Challenge is dependant on where you are today.

What do we mean by this?

The Whole Life Challenge offers participants three different levels: Kick Start, Lifestyle and Performance...

Kick Start: This level is for the player who doesn’t know where to start but knows they definitely want to. The biggest offenders – bread, sweets, cheese, beer and soda, chips and fries – are no no’s. Five tweaks for eight weeks. And just by doing that you’ll not only feel better and look better, you’ll know you’re doing something really good for you and your body.

Lifestyle: This level is for the player who wants to practice long-term, sustainable nutrition. You’ll cut out a lot of junk (some of which you didn’t even realize you were eating), but you’ll also have a bit more flexibility (think: that one glass of wine you like to have occasionally). The purpose of this level is to set you up with rules that make a huge impact and that you can maintain for the long haul.

Performance: This level is for the player who’s looking for a great way to improve their performance and workout results. You want to clean up your act and shake off all the rust. This is the “cleanest” level and the one that you’d expect from a “hardcore” nutrition challenge. You may not keep it up 100% once the Challenge ends, but when this thing is over you’ll be running clean and mean.

With these different levels, you can either go all out and make some massive changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, or you can make a few changes which will still have a significant positive impact to your health and fitness. Regardless of which level you choose, we will all be taking on this Challenge together. Remember, it’s not important where you start, just that you choose to get started!

Not sure where to begin? Ask Phil or Maria and we can point you towards the level that we think is best for you based on your goals and current experience. 

The Whole Life Challenge starts on 17 January and will run until Friday 13 March 2015. Click here to join Team CrossFit 1864. If you join before 31 December, you'll receive the discounted price of $39 (approx £23).  



A) Knees to elbows ladder

- Rest 5 minutes - 

B) Hang power clean ladder @ 3/4 bodyweight

For the ladder, perform 1 rep on minute 1, 2 reps on minute 2, 3 reps on minute 3 etc. Keep going until you cannot fit the reps within the minute


10! Burpees
15 second Handstand
* Burpee reps are 10, 9, 8 ... 3, 2, 1 and perform a 15 second handstand after each set of burpees
** In your warm-up, try practicing some of the handstand progressions we worked on in class!