But what about BroSesh Sundays?!

As some of you may know (and some of you may not), many moons ago, Phil and I started our first project together, a somewhat serious, but mostly 'for the fun of it' blog, BroSesh Sundays. This blog gave us the opportunity to share information that we found interesting with anyone who cared to read it. Topics ranged from how to incorporate the dynamic method in your training to our favourite guilty pleasures playlist; from the importance of training your aerobic system to the significance of nutrition for athletic performance. We even posted reviews of our favourite beers and pubs, coffee spots and a few pretty damn decent recipes (both paleo and not-so-paleo). We had great dreams of BroSesh being the next big thing. We were even planning to make t-shirts, stickers, branded KeepCups to send out to our devoted readers...

With the opening of our new box, we are now focusing our attention on sharing this knowledge on CrossFit 1864's website, but don't think that this means BroSesh Sundays is gone! We have just transferred all of the quality content over to CrossFit 1864's website, which you can find here. We will also be re-posting some of our favourite BroSesh Sunday's blogs on CrossFit 1864's blog.

But seriously, what's happening with THE BroSesh Sunday?!

In addition to posting regular blogs on BroSesh Sundays, every Sunday, Phil and I would come up with a BroSeshion, a beastly WOD that we would tackle together with our friends, followed by a post-WOD re-fuel burger and beer. There was no real rhyme or reason to each session (and definitely no structured programming). We would just pick a few movements, throw them together and see if we liked it. The Sunday BroSesh was less a training session and more an excuse to hang out with our friends while doing something that we loved. And boy did we love all the prowler pushing, legless rope climbs, muscle ups, rowing, pistols and LOADS of bench and chins.

This was, without a doubt, our favourite part of the BroSesh Sundays project and we are ridiculously stoked to announce that this tradition will continue at CrossFit 1864!

On the last Sunday of every month, our 11 am class will be a BroSesh Sunday, with everyone working out together (including your coaches). Because what's the most important aspect of CrossFit? The community! WODing and hanging out with your friends. Afterwards, we'll all head out for a post-WOD burger, bbq, or beer, or maybe even all three... 

Our first BroSesh Sunday will be Sunday 28 September, 11 am. Be sure to book in! The session is free for members and £15 for drop-ins.

Get ready to play the tunes loud, have fun, lift some heavy stuff and get hench with your bros.