Interesting reads for your weekend

Coaching Lessons

Stretch Rayner over at CrossFit Hackney recently posted '10 Lessons Learnt On the CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar', all points that we also emphasise at CrossFit 1864! What it comes down to is practicing perfect movement: the better and more efficiently we move, the better off we will be in the gym, playing our favourite sports, and in our day-to-day lives!

Battle thyself

We came across a couple of great links on mental toughness. The first article is by Rob MacDonald of Gym Jones fame on how to bust through self-imposed limitations. With just a few surprisingly simple strategies you can completely flip your mindset from one of fear and trepidation to one of constant improvement.

"...these self-imposed limitations are perhaps the thing that is truly holding you back – not actual limitations"

Our other article is from a guest writer over at Breaking Muscle called Kyle Williams. Kyle is an Australian adventurer, fitness & nutrition coach and motivational writer, as well as a former Australian Army medic and physical trainer, he tells us how to get mentally prepared for the all important 'game day' so you gain the physiological advantage over your competitors. 

"Being game day ready means being ready to perform at your best when it counts most – whether in a CrossFit WOD, a tough endurance race, or, for some of us, in a real life battle."

Battle the tube


If you have not seen this video doing the rounds on Facebook yet, check it out...

Man races tube, who wins?