How CrossFit 1864 does mobility

Mobility is important.

This is possibly the most understated sentence in this blog post. If you are not working on your mobility every day, not only are you going to fail in reaching your full athletic potential, you're also on the road to injury.

Why is mobility important?

A 'normal' human being should have full range in all of their joints and tissues. We should be able to sit in the bottom of a squat with feet together, heels on the ground and back flat, and be able to extend both arms overhead with elbows locked out and no lumbar over-extension. Without normal, functioning ranges of motion your body should not get into all of the positions expected of it, not only in the gym, but in everyday life.

If you're missing these ranges, but your mind is telling your body to do something, your body (the clever dog) will find a way to compensate to allow you to get into a position; however, these compensation patterns put us in unstable, unsafe positions (not such a clever dog now...). Add some movement with load/speed/change of direction etc and injury soon follows.

Battling with barbells, kettlebells and wall balls is difficult enough, don't fight your own body too!

How CrossFit 1864 helps you deal with your business

At CrossFit 1864, we place priority on quality of movement. To ensure we can achieve this, we need our athletes to have good mobility.

We attack this in 3 ways...

Movement-specific warm-ups: Our warm-ups are designed to actually prepare you for the movements coming up in your training. It's astonishing how many times we have seen people warming up for back squats and deadlifts with 'shoulder pass-throughs' or 'shoulder dislocates'. We forgive you, we don't expect you to just know these things, part of the coach's role is to educate. So, if your coach gives your shoulder dislocates for back squats...Start asking questions.

Movement-specific mobility drills: During our classes, we also dedicate time to specific mobility drills, aimed at the movements of the day. Our goal here is to improve ranges of motion in a safe and controlled manner.

Mobility homework: Each week we give our members some homework, a simple drill or two that we challenge them to perform twice each day for the next 7 days. Not only will you see some super quick gains in your problem areas, but you also learn more about how to take care of your body.

What's the over-arching theme in this? Education. As much as we wish we could, we can't be around for our members 24/7,  so we see it as our job to help educate you on how you can take care of yourself, both inside and outside CrossFit 1864.