16 Sept 2014 - Power Snatch Skills and a Déjà Vu-inducing WOD

Workout of the Day

A) Power Snatch skill development


3 x 6 minutes on : 2 minutes off

10 Power snatch
10 Kettlebell swings
10 Tyre jumps

Rx for Beginners is 20/15 kg

Rx for Intermediates is 35/25 kg

Rx for Advanced is 50/30 kg

Workout Aim

The aim of this workout is to develop your aerobic system by having you train around your anaerobic threshold. To achieve this, you need to keep moving at a consistent pace throughout the workout. Push yourself hard, but don't go so fast in the first 2 minutes that you 'gas out' for the remainder of the AMRAP.