Nutrition Programming at 1864

In the past, we have written a few blogs describing how we approach nutrition, both for ourselves and for our athletes:

Are you an athlete or just pretending - Part 1

Are you an athlete or just pretending - Part 2

These blogs emphasised that we (as coaches) are not that interested in aesthetics. What we are most concerned with is performance – anything from your day-to-day training at the gym to sports-specific targets such as smashing your marathon time or hitting a competition PB –fuelling that performance adequately and making sure we optimise your recovery. 

Now, don't think that because of this, we believe that people don't care about aesthetics. To some extent, we all care about how we look i.e. do we look good naked?! And that's perfectly acceptable. If we look good, we feel good and it's why many of us seek out a gym in the first place.

The great thing about eating for performance is this... If you are eating to perform to the best of your athletic abilities and you train hard, your body responds in kind. You will begin to look like you eat well and train smart i.e. you look good naked!

We are all individual

Did your Mum ever tell you that you are a special snowflake, unique in every way? Well as usual, your Mum was right. Thanks Mum!

We are all unique; every athlete has their own background, individual goals and aspirations. As such, we all need some level of individualisation in both our programming and nutrition. We discussed our programming in a previous blog post, which only touches the surface of how we work to help you get what you need out of your training. 

With our nutrition programming, we put together a plan tailored to suit each athlete's specific needs.

How do we do this?

You can expect the following questions from your coaches:

  • Are you performing as well in your training or competitions as you could be?
  • If not, why not and what can we do to change this?
  • If you are performing well, how the hell can we make you even better?!

1-on-1 Review: Each month you will meet 1-on-1 with your coach who will review your food log and your Beyond the Whiteboard training diary. We will also keep track of some other body measurements (e.g. body fat, girth measurements etc). By analysing this data, we can adjust your nutrition to make sure you keep making progress towards your goals.

Close-knit community: In our small, close-knit community, everyone from the newest member, to the seasoned veteran and even your coaches, is accountable to one another. This support network will help you stick to your plan and get to your goals. A strong community is one of the factors that makes CrossFit such a successful training programme and CrossFit 1864 such a great box to train at. 

Limited membership places: CrossFit 1864 has a limited membership cap of less than 100 people. This allows us to focus our time and attention on each and every one of our members to ensure they are getting the most from their training.