12 Jan 15 – Regularly Learn and Play New Sports Day: CF1864 Learns Parkour

The fitness we develop at CrossFit 1864 helps us to take on challenges that we might have never thought possible. Applying our strength and skill to new sports forms part of CrossFit's 'functional fitness’ model, as well as helping you to lead a happy and rewarding life.

Explosive strength, agility, balance, coordination, power... sound like your last CrossFit session? Close, but not quite! We'll be using all of these skills for our first 'Regularly Learn and Play New Sports' Day on Sunday 25 January from 11 am when we learn Parkour with our good friends, Parkour Generations! Led by the lovely Shirley Darlington, this is a great opportunity for CF1864 members to not only test their fitness, but also to spend a fun day out learning something new with a great group of people. Let us know you'll be joining us here (We will still have a 10 am CrossFit class on that Sunday and you're welcome to join us for both!)

Meet your new best friend....


A) Beginner
A1)  Front squat: 4 x 8
*Add load as technique allows
A2) Midline

A) Intermediate & Advanced
A1) Front squat with 2 second pause: 3-6 reps @ 70-80% totalling 18-24 reps
A2) Midline

B) All Athletes
For time:
Goblet squat (32/24 kg)
Kettlebell swing (32/24 kg)