17 Jan 15 – Beyond the Whiteboard: Improving Your Fitness Level

This is our third in a series of blogs on Beyond the Whiteboard, the system we use at CrossFit 1864 to log workouts, identify strengths and weaknesses and track progress. Our first post looked at the Fitness Levels in general, and our second post was focused on how to accurately log your results.

Today, we will focus on how you increase your fitness level.

Beyond the Whiteboard's “Fitness Level” and “Weaknesses” features (in the anaylsis section) are designed to give you more information about your workouts and your present physical capacity. Everyone has their “Fitness Level” calculated which is represented as a number from 1-99. This number captures how your performance stacks up to the rest of the Beyond the Whiteboard community, worldwide.

"On average, it takes 19 Months to improve from a level 50 to a level 80."

New & Intermediate level CrossFitters can improve their fitness levels very quickly. The folks at Beyond the Whiteboard have found that If you’re currently between 1-60 and you stay committed and consistent in your training then you can increase your Fitness Level by up to 20 points per year.

"This rate holds true until you get to Level 80. Going from level 80 to 90 can take over 8 months, on average, which is 45% longer than it takes to go from 70 to 80."

Advanced CrossFitters have a tougher time (sigh)... on average it takes these guys about 5-6 months to improve their Fitness Level by 10 points.

To make Regionals, you need to be near a level 90, and top level CrossFit Games athletes will be around level 95! The difference between one or two levels at the top is huge and a single point progression can be a result of months of hard work.

Making progression

If you are new to using Beyond the Whiteboard you will find that your Fitness Level jumps up and down as you add information to each of the eight different categories: Power lifts, Olympic Lifts, Speed , Endurance,  Bodyweight, Light, Heavy and Long.


But what workouts actually improve these levels? It's simple to find out. If you click through one of these categories you can see exactly what workouts or lifts are used when determining these numbers. Lets look at 'Bodyweight'...

If I click on the 'Bodyweight' category it takes me through to this screen

This is a list of all the bodyweight workouts (there are lots which you cannot see on the screenshot) that if I perform as Rx'd, will contribute to my Fitness Level number. To give you an idea of how many there are:

Bodyweight: Over 45 workouts

Light: Over 65 workouts

Long: Over 35 workouts

For a more comprehensive explanation of Fitness Level Workouts check out this blog post available on Beyond the Whiteboard. You can also view all 288 Fitness Level Workouts by going to “Explore > Workouts” on Beyond the Whiteboard, clicking the “Fitness Level” filter, and selecting “All”. From there you can easily log any of these workouts when you complete them.

Each week, we at CrossFit 1864 aim to program at least one workout from this exhaustive list so you guys can continue to fill out your Fitness Level. From now on, we will make sure to note on the blog when we are doing this workout and what it is contributing too, that way you can make sure you get yourself in to hit the workout! Starting with today's WOD... #sorrynotsorry

We are confident that if you stay consistent with training and eat/sleep/rest well you will be able to increase your Fitness Level at a similar rate to those we mentioned above. Although in the beginning you may see big jumps (and the occasional dip) you will definitely see results and become a lot fitter if you work hard, remember our blog on Intensity vs Technique? Yes, it will take some time to become very fit (Level 80+), that’s the harsh reality. I have been at level 87-89 for some time now, but I love the challenge of trying to nail that level 90! Here you can see how my level as undulated over the last 6 months...

My drop off between September and November came as I tried to fill out some of the categories I had no results for. It was a little depressing at the time, but it gave me a new drive and some weaknesses to work on.

All this means we will always have something to focus on and give our training some meaning, new targets to smash and new goals to reach

 In Fitness, just like life, the journey is the reward. Enjoy it.


This contributes to your Fitness Level under the 'Long' category

CrossFit Open 14.5

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps, for time of:
Thruster (42.5/30 kg)
Burpee (Bar Facing)
*Time cap: 40 minutes