10 Jan 15 – WOD

Gurn face is © Coach Phil

Best of luck to Coach Phil at The Rainhill Trials on Sunday! 


A) Beginner
A1) Deadlift: 5 x 5
*Add load as form and technique allows
A2) Vertical Push (down)

A) Intermediate & Advanced
A1) Deadlift: 2-4 reps @ 80-90% totalling 15-20 reps
A2) Vertical Push (down)

B) All Athletes
EMOM for as long as possible
Odd minute: 5 Thrusters (60/40 kg)
Even minute: 6, 8,10... Burpees over the bar
*Embrace the suck and keep going until you cannot complete the burpees within the minute!
** NB We aren't able to put this in BtWB because we don't know how long everyone will last, so you'll need to build the workout on your own and then log your results. If you have any troubles, let us know and we'll be happy to help!

REMINDER: There are no classes on Sunday 11 January