06 Oct 2015 - Testing Week, Day 2

Do you celebrate your achievements?

At the end of class, when one of the coaches asks you what you lifted, and you hit a new PB, do you announce it when you shout out your score?


Why the hell not?! 

If you hit a PB lift, get your first rep of a gymnastics movement, or improve a score in a benchmark workout, your coaches want to know about it, your fellow athletes want to know about it, EVERYONE wants to know about it... so let them hear it!

Celebrating your accomplishments is a crucial aspect of your training progress, particularly the mental and emotional aspect of your training. It helps to remind you that you're headed in the right direction and your hard work is paying off and, believe it or not, your success actually encourages others as well!

So, the next time you add 5 kg to your back squat or get your first double under, don't just shrug it off as something that happens for most people every day... shout it from the rooftops, announce it on Facebook, put a video on Instagram and high five the person next to you!

A note from Coach Phil...

"All of the tests this week are VERY IMPORTANT. So please, no cherry picking! Just strap on a pair and come to class!"


A) For time: 400m run

- Rest 10 minutes -

B) For time: Run 800m

- Rest 10 minutes -

C) 12 minutes: Run for distance

D) In the remaining class time: Practice a gymnastics skill (think double unders, handstands, toes to bar)