03 Nov 2015 – Christmas is Coming... Bring on the Christmas Crackers!

If you were with us in December of last year, you’ll remember CrossFit 1864’s First Christmas Cracker, a '12 Days of Christmas’-inspired WOD that took you through thrusters, pull ups, tyre jumps and so much more.

As we get bigger, so do our Christmas Celebrations… This year, we are excited to bring you not just one, but A WHOLE BOX of Christmas Crackers (we’ll even throw in some crappy jokes and a useless screwdriver)!

Beginning Monday 30 November, we will kick off our 12 Christmas Crackers, 2 weeks of benchmark WODs for you to take on, leading up to one MASSIVE Christmas Cracker on Saturday 12 December. Special prizes will be given to those athletes that make it through all 12 Crackers.

As our Christmas present to you, all members will be able to attend every day, regardless of what membership you’re on. (Don’t worry if you’re already on Unlimited, a special present is coming your way too!)

Mark your diaries and keep your eye on the blog and Facebook for more details!

Christmas Schedule

During the holiday season, we will have a reduced class schedule:

Thursday 24 – Monday 28 December: No classes
Tuesday 29 December: No morning classes (evening classes as normal)
Wednesday 30 December: No 6.15am Class (all other classes as normal)
Thursday 31 December – Friday 1 January: No classes, Happy New Year!
From 2 January – Normal Schedule resumes


Strength Aerobic Method

A) Front squat: 20 minutes to establish a heavy set of 6 reps

B) 4 rounds of:
10 Bench press @ 50% 1RM, tempo 2020
- Rest 30 seconds
10 Ring row, tempo 2020
- Rest 30 seconds
10 Front squat @ 50% 1RM, tempo 2020
- Rest 30 seconds