12 Nov 2015 – Join 'The Change Challenge'!

The Change Challenge: Change Your Nutrition, Change Your Life

We are very excited to announce CrossFit 1864’s first ever ‘Change Challenge’! This is an opportunity for us to work together as the awesome community we are to reach our goals by developing good habits and improving our nutrition.

The Details

The Change Challenge begins on 4 January 2016 and will run for 6 weeks, until 13 Feb 2016.
It will be divided up in to two parts: Hitting the Metabolic Re-Set and Getting Personal. It costs just £50 to join and you get:

– A set of nutritional guidelines to help you get started that will become more specific and individualised as you progress
- Tools to help you track your progress and compliance
- Pre and post challenge physical assessments and progress markers
– Pre-, Mid- and Post-Challenge Huddles to keep you on the right track from the beginning of the Challenge and beyond
– Individual feedback at the end of each part of the Challenge
– Access to our 'Change Challenge' Members only Facebook group to share your successes, seek out advice and encourage your fellow athletes
– Recipe ideas and guidance on food preparation
– Special events and challenges throughout the 6 weeks
– The support of your community to help you reach your goals!

Keep an eye on the blog over the coming weeks for more information on The Change Challenge! Ready to get started? Sign up via Team up by clicking here. Any questions? Send them to Coach Maria: maria@crossfit1864.com


A) Weightlifting Strength: Bear Complex
Build to a heavy weight for the complex:
1 Power clean +
1 Front squat +
1 Push press +
1 Back squat +
1 Push press

B) Conditioning
10 minutes to get as far as possible
1, 2, 3... Deadlift 70/45kg
1, 2, 3.... Hang power clean 70/45kg
1 ,2, 3... Shoulder to overhead 70/45kg