17 Dec 2015 – Christmas Cracker & Golden Kettlebell Congrats!

What a wicked day Saturday was! We finished the Christmas Crackers with an epic combo of a Hero WOD, a benchmark mash-up, and a crazy WOD named after Randy 'Macho Man' Savage (It wasn't Murph...), then we all headed to Bounce in Shoreditch for ping pong, pizza, beer, and the moment that everyone was waiting for.... The Golden Kettlebell Award Ceremony!

Congrats to our winners...

The Best Pain Face: Rob Gehring & Andreea Caua

The Lost Ones: Sanju Rajini & Lili Harasimowicz

Best WOD Wardrobe: Alex Lee & Soph McLoughlin

Best Banter: Fay 'Fro' Rowland & Luke 'All Day' Haywood

Most Supportive Athlete: Sarah 'Cuz' Forshaw & Luke 'All Day' Haywood

Just missing Luke!

Most Improved Athlete: Gareth Maddock & Jules Harabasz-Bunting

And Congrats to our Athletes that completed all 12 Crackers!

Congrats to Jules, Andreea, Rach, Matt, Danni, Kunal, Rob, Luke, Sanju, Josh, & Arnie!


A) Gymnastics Skills: Ring muscle-ups

B) 15 minutes to get as far as possible:
1, 2, 3... Muscle-up (rings or bar)
1, 2, 3... Snatch (60/40 kg)