08 Dec 2015 – Make a CrossFitter's Dream Come True: A Christmas Gift Guide, v. 2.0

Last year, we posted the Ultimate Gift Guide to help you get the very best presents for your special CrossFitter. And although many of these things would still make epic presents for any thankful athlete (and some of these things make a reappearance in today's Gift Guide), we felt it was in need of an update for Christmas 2015!

So, without further ado, here are all the things you need to make every CrossFitter’s Dream Come True this Christmas!

Food is Always a Good Bet

From Naked Ape packs and RAWnola, to Battle Oats bars and BuffBox Meals, you’re bound to make any CrossFit athlete happy by simply giving them something to eat.  Strong believer in the old “Teach a man to fish” adage? There are loads of great cookbooks available as well from PaleOMG, Nom Nom Paleo, Zenbelly, Michael Symon's Carnivore for the adventurous chef and there's nothing better than a classic, The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book.

Give the Gift of Mobility (or at least the tools they need to get there!)

Give your CrossFitter the gift of mobility with lacrosse balls, resistance bands, voodoo floss or some crazy looking implements from MobilityWOD via Rogue Europe. Better yet, give them the gift that keeps on giving with their very own subscription to MobilityWOD!

Hand Maintenance: Give the gift of rip-proof hands

This is a repeat from last year’s list, but happy hands will always be at the top of every CrossFitter’s wish list! Make your special someone a hand maintenance care pack including: Tweezerman Comfort Callous Shaver and Climb on balm to take care of ripped hands. Please, please please resist the temptation to get them gloves, unless you’re wanting them to do your gardening or dishwashing (and I doubt they'll be too happy with that suggestion...)

Skipping ropes

Every CrossFitter knows that there is nothing more frustrating then getting tangled up in a skipping rope mid-WOD because it’s too short/long for you. So, do your part to help your favourite CrossFitter avoid this problem! Get them their very own customised speed rope, complete with their name and kickin’ CF1864 handles! The best of the best come from SGF Speed Ropes. All you’ll need to know is their height and their favourite colour (for the handy storage bag).

We always need more socks

Functional? Fashionable? A little bit of both? Regardless, Stance Socks are the new ‘thing’ for CrossFitters. These guys are taking over the industry with their wicked designs, so many to choose from! I don’t know what they do other than keep your feet covered, but dammit, I want a pair myself. Get yours from Kitbox.co.

Because warm knees are happy knees

Another player in the fashionable/functional debate, you’d be hard-pressed to watch a CrossFit class without at least ONE athlete rocking some knee sleeves. Do they help improve your performance by keeping your knees warm? By providing compression? By developing proprioception? Maybe, maybe not. One thing we can say for certain is they’re most likely on your CrossFitter’s wish list. Try the classic Rehbands from Whatever it Takes, Rocktape's ultra supportive KneeCaps, or go a bit fashion-forward with Unbroken Designs, an American brand available from Kitbox.co (I personally rock the American Flag sleeves #TeamAmericaFTW )

If we need more socks, we definitely need more shoes

How can you even THINK about getting your favourite CrossFitter socks without making sure their shoes are looking the bizness as well!? Things in the shoe game done changed… There are so many more options since our last Gift Guide went up, from the New (Nike MetCons, NoBulls, Nike Romaleos) to the Classic (Nano 5.0s, Reebok OLYs, Inov8s) there is now something out there to suit everyone’s style.

That perfect WOD outfit

I love love LOVE all the stuff from Heavy Rep Gear and a shopping trip to Lululemon would be a welcome addition underneath any athlete’s Christmas tree!

Stocking Stuffers are all about the Accessories

And no place does accessories quite like Samson Athletics. From bobble hats and engraved iPhone cases, to snapbacks and ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beast’ coffee mugs (pick the mug according to how you’re feeling that day!), they’ve got the best ‘little somethings’ around.

CrossFit 1864 Kit: The Best Christmas Present Around. Fact.

Wearing CF1864 hoodies, t-shirts and vests immediately adds 5 kg to every PB, improves your mobility, encourages full extension of the hips in Olympic lifts, and has been known to give athletes 15+ unbroken muscle ups….

Alright, alright, so actually, that’s not COMPLETELY true… all of that comes through loads of training, practice and hardwork. BUT wearing CF1864 kit does make you look damn sexy…. Which is almost as good as all the other stuff :)


The Ninth Christmas Cracker: "Sham"

7 rounds for time:
11 Deadlifts @ bodyweight
100m Sprint

* Time cap: 12 minutes
** What's your target time?? Let us know about it! @crossfit1864 #sham #christmascracker