05 Jan 2016 – Our Next BroSesh Sunday

It's time for our next BroSesh! Put on your best Muscle Tee, break out your favourite shaker and rock on down to CF1864 on Sunday 31 January from 10 am for ALL THE GAINZ. Post-WOD re-fuel location TBA! As always, our BroSesh is free for all CF1864 members.

Not quite sure what the BroSesh is? Check this blog.

Stoked?! So are we!

Get signed up via Team up here or join the event on Facebook.


A) Strength Conditioning: Back Squat

Perform 3 x 10
- Rest as needed between sets

B) Strength Conditioning

3 Rounds, not for time:
25 Push ups (add deficit if possible)
20 Strict Kettlebell Presses (athlete's choice of weight)
15 Ring Rows
10 Bent-over barbell rows (athlete's choice of weight)
5/5 Bulgarian split squats (athlete's choice of weight)

– Move with purpose from movement to movement. Rest 2-3 mins between rounds