14 Dec 2015 – The Change Challenge: Why should you sign up?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about The Change Challenge… when it takes place, what you need to do to take part, and how you get signed up.

So, we’ve got the WHEN, the WHAT and the HOW. The only thing missing now is the WHY!

Why would you want to spend 6 weeks of your year on a nutrition challenge? For LOADS of reasons.. let me tell you all about them!

Sort yourself out post-Holiday and actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone knows that during the holiday season, good nutrition takes a back seat in favour of enjoying time (and drink and food…) with your family and friends. And everyone knows that, as soon as you return from your holidays, you’ll make a promise to yourself to get back in shape and jump back on the ‘healthy eating’ train. What better way to make sure you achieve this then getting the guidance and support of your coaches at CrossFit 1864?

Break through a weight-loss plateau

Since we set our Visions and Goals (remember those?!), you cut out biscuits, exchanged your post-dinner ice cream for an apple and cut your ‘every night of the weekend drinking’ to a glass or two of wine on Friday. You’ve lost weight, but you can’t seem to hit your goal, you haven’t been able to shift any kilos for a couple months and frustration is beginning to set in. This is what we call hitting a plateau and The Change Challenge is just what you need to break this. A new approach to your nutrition, a fresh pair of eyes looking over your eating habits, and some varied advice might well be all you need to lose those extra couple kilos that won’t seem to go away!

Improve your training

Food is Fuel. It’s fuel for your day-to-day life and it is without a doubt fuel for your training. The cleaner and higher quality the fuel, the better your engine will run. By hitting the Metabolic Re-Set button in Step 1, we help ensure that you are fuelling your body with a solid balance of only the good stuff. Then, in Step 2, we make sure that you are getting the right balance of the good stuff that you need for YOUR body to perform to the best of its ability.

Gain a solid understanding of what ‘healthy’ nutrition is for you

I’ve heard it more times than I can count.

Athlete: Coach, I’m eating healthy, but I can’t seem to lose any more weight!
Coach: Ok, well, what are you eating?

Athlete: Well, I have an apple and a handful of berries in the morning for breakfast, an egg mayo sandwich and fruit smoothie for lunch, and chicken and pasta for dinner. No chocolate, no sweets.

Do you think that’s a healthy diet that would be able to sustain a CrossFit athlete? Guess what… it’s not! With The Change Challenge, you’ll find out exactly what you’re missing, exactly what you’re having too much of and exactly what you could add to your plate to ensure that you’re getting the most bang from your buck and you’re ACTUALLY getting the nutrition you need.

Once you get that better idea, get the tools you need to improve your nutrition

The Change Challenge doesn’t just provide you with a set of guidelines to improve your eating; we provide you with the tools you need to track your nutrition to ensure you’re sticking with the guidelines. We provide you with the resources you need to help you make the best choices when you’re at the grocery store or out with friends, and we provide you with the knowledge you need to help you continue making progress long after the Challenge has ended.

Get your family and friends involved in something you are passionate about

The Change Challenge isn’t limited to just CF1864 members… this is your chance to help those you care about make better decisions about their nutrition as well! As we said in our recent blog, the more people you have around you working towards the same goals, the more successful you will be. In addition, any one who signs up for the Challenge and is not currently a member of CrossFit 1864 will get one free class per week - Bonus!

Value for money

What is £50:
- 2 weeks of your daily coffee habit (or if you’re a CrossFit coach that happens to do all of their work out of a coffee shop, maybe only 1 week…)
- One night out at the pub
- A drunken cab ride home from Shoreditch
- A dinner at Byron burger
- An afternoon online impulse shop on Asos.com

What do all these things have in common? They are short term. Although they’re nice, they will only last for a brief instant. Why not spend that money on something that you’ll get benefits from for many months to come?!

On The Change Challenge, for just £50, you get:

– A set of nutritional guidelines to help you get started that will become more specific and individualised as you progress
- Tools to help you track your progress and compliance
- Pre- and post- challenge physical assessments and progress markers
– Pre-, Mid- and Post-Challenge Huddles to keep you on the right track from the beginning of the Challenge and beyond
– Individual feedback at the end of each part of the Challenge
– Access to our 'Change Challenge' Members only Facebook group to share your successes, seek out advice and encourage your fellow athletes
– Recipe ideas and guidance on food preparation
– Special events and challenges throughout the 6 weeks
– The support of your community to help you reach your goals!

Ready to get started? Sign up via Team up by clicking here. Any questions? Send them to Coach Maria: maria@crossfit1864.com


A) General Strength: Back squats
5 x 5 @ 65%
3 x 5 @ 75%
3 x 5 @ 85%

B) Gymnastics Strength
"I go, you go": Complete 3-5 rounds each for quality:
10 Push-ups
10 Ring rows

Push-up options: Weighted, deficit, rings
Ring row options: Low, false grip, weighted