23 Feb 2015 – A She cooks, she cleans special: What your coaches are eating this week

At long last, the “What your coaches are eating this week” series continues with “What your Coaches are eating this week… For Breakfast”

Some people say that breakfast is the trickiest meal to adapt for a paleo or clean eating nutrition plan. We’re so used to grabbing the quick-and-easy cereal, porridge or pastry option that actually COOKING a breakfast seems like a massive effort… well, below are a few recipes that are well worth the few minutes of extra time in the kitchen!

Let’s start your day off right, shall we?!

PS With each of these recipes, I make enough to have for breakfast for a few days.
PSS Click on each meal for a link to the recipe

Monday & Tuesday

Paleo Frittata Muffins, Nom Nom Paleo
(make on Sunday night)

So portable, so tasty and finally a new use for your muffin tin! These also make great snacks during the day and are good hot or cold. Word to the wise: Be careful not to fill up the muffin tin too full… they do expand as they bake!

Wednesday & Thursday

Hash with smoked salmon, fried eggs and spinach
(shred the potatoes for the hash on Tuesday night)

I try to do all my potato shredding the night before (enough for two breakfasts). Sprinkle a good portion of salt on the potato (soaks up any excess water) and pop it in the fridge until the next morning. When you’re ready, all you need to do is melt some butter in a pan, add some seasoning to the sweet potato (I use garlic granules and sage), fry the sweet potato hash until it changes from bright orange to more of a rusty colour, add in your smoked salmon (or meat of choice), and the spinach and cook until wilted. Fry or scramble your eggs and enjoy a solid start to your day!


Lamb and apricot stew from Williams Sonoma
(Thursday's dinner)

I know what you’re thinking…. Maria, this isn’t breakfast, this is obviously dinner! But who said that you can’t have dinner for breakfast? Because everyone knows that you can have breakfast for dinner! (aka Brinner). This lamb and apricot stew has become one of my go-to, make-ahead, slow cooker meals. Have for dinner one night and have the leftovers for breakfast the next day. All you need to do is reheat, Easy Peasy.

PS Omit the chickpeas for a completely Paleo meal

Saturday & Sunday

Sweet Potato Biscuits with bacon and chives from PaleOMG
(Make on Saturday morning)

I absolutely love these sweet potato biscuits (biscuits in the American-sense of the word) and just like the frittata muffins, they are portable and just as good cold as they are straight from the oven. I’m not going to tell you that they taste even better with cream cheese, because that’s not Paleo….


A) Beginner
A1) Back squat: 6 x 3 
*Add load as technique allows
A2) Vertical pull

A) Intermediate & Advanced
A1) Back squat: 2-3 reps @ 85-95%, totalling 14-18 reps
A2) Vertical pull

B) All Athletes
12 x 30 seconds on : 30 seconds off
Ring push-up (add load as needed)
Ring row, feet elevated
Single leg step-up (add load as needed)


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