05 Feb 2015 – Our Next BroSesh

Mark your diaries CF1864... 

Our next BroSesh Sunday is going down on Sunday 22 February, from 11 am!

Wait.... what is a BroSesh Sunday, you ask?!

For our newer members who might not know, back before CrossFit 1864 was even a glimmer in our eyes, every Sunday, Phil and I would come up with a BroSeshion (which we would post on our blog, BroSesh Sundays). The BroSesh was a beastly WOD that we would tackle together with our friends, followed by a post-WOD re-fuel burger and beer. There was no real rhyme or reason to each session; we would just pick a few movements, throw them together and see if we liked it. It became less a training session and more an excuse to hang out with our friends while doing something that we loved. And boy did we love all the prowler pushing, legless rope climbs, muscle ups, rowing, pistols and LOADS of bench and chins.

Yep, some of our BroSesh Sundays involved video games...

With everything we’ve had going on in the past months, it's been too long and we are in dire need of a BroSesh!

So, at long last, we are excited to announce our next BroSesh Sunday will be on Sunday 22 February from 11 am.

Join us for a spicy workout, followed by a post-WOD meal nearby with your fellow Bros…Because what's the most important part of CrossFit? The community! WODing and hanging out with your friends. 

Book in on Team up by clicking here. * The session is free for our members.

Get ready to play the tunes loud, have fun, lift some heavy stuff and get hench with your bros. 


A) Beginner
A1) Push jerk: 4 x 8 *Add load as technique allows
A2) Horizontal pull

A) Intermediate & Advanced
A1) Push jerk: 3-5 reps @ 75-85%, totalling 18-24 reps
A2) Horizontal pull

B) All Athletes
3 x 3 minute AMRAP, with 1 minute rest between each:

6 Kettlebell push press, right arm (24/16 kg)
6 Kettlebell push press, left arm (24/16 kg)
12 Med ball sit-ups (9/6 kg)

*Med ball sit-up: Touch the ball to the ground overhead then sit-up and press the ball overhead, in one movement

WLC Lounge WOD

10 minute AMRAP:
10 mountain climbers
10 push-up
10 hollow rocks
10 sit-ups