26 Feb 2015 – CrossFit Open 15.1 Announced Thursday Night!

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived!

CrossFit Open WOD 15.1 will be announced Thursday night at 5 pm PT (loooooong after we've all gone to sleep!)

As mentioned, we will be doing the Open WOD in all of Monday's classes. Keep an eye out for our blog this weekend explaining more on how we will run the first Open workout. 

Still don't know what the CrossFit Open is?! Read this blog.

Not sure how the CrossFit Open is going down at CrossFit 1864? Read this blog.

Haven't signed up yet? You've still got time! Get registered here and be sure to select CrossFit 1864 as your affiliate. 

We have an incredible 15 athletes already signed up, and we would love to see 15 more on our team roster, so get involved guys! 


A) Skill: Barbell Cycling

B) "Watch the Clock"

Begin with:
21 Power cleans (40/30 kg)
21 Toes to bar

When the clock hits 3 minutes, begin:
21 Push press (40/30 kg)
21 Box jumps (24/20")

When the clock hits 6 minutes, begin:
15 Power cleans (40/30 kg)
15 Toes to bar

When the clock hits 8 minutes, begin:
15 Push press (40/30 kg)
15 Box jumps (24/20")

When the clock hits 10 minutes, begin:
9 Power cleans (40/30 kg)
9 Toes to bar

When the clock hits 11 minutes, begin:
9 Push press (40/30 kg)
9 Box jumps (24/20")

*Once you finish the reps, you rest for the remainder of the 3 minute interval.
** Your score will be the total number of reps complete. In other words, if you finish all of the reps in each interval, your total score will be 180 reps.