08 Feb 2015 – Open Schedule Update & Snatch Skill Development

The 2015 CrossFit Open is nearly upon us!

Not sure what the CrossFit Open is? Check out our recent blog for more information....

We have spoken with our athletes and, after getting some valuable feedback, we've decided to adjust our plan slightly...

We will now be doing the CrossFit Open workouts in every class on Mondays (starting on Monday 2 March). Our Sunday sessions will serve as a recovery/skills day, with the programming focused on the movements that will be in each Open workout. 

The CrossFit Open is a great experience – the workouts are a blast to do and a great learning experience, you'll give yourself a benchmark of fitness that you can re-test in next year's Open to see how much you've improved, and you get to throw down with all your training buddies! What's not to love?!  I want all of our athletes (no matter how long you have been training) to get involved! 

Get signed up here and be sure to register CrossFit 1864 as your affiliate.


Finish warm-up/mobility with:
3 rounds:
3 Heaving snatch balance (empty barbell)
5 Overhead squats (empty barbell)
30 second hang

A) Snatch pull-under + Hang snatch: 3-5 x 1 + 2

B) Snatch: Build to a technical 1 rep max
*This can be any variation you are comfortable with e.g. hang power snatch, hang snatch, power snatch, snatch

WLC Lounge WOD

For 10 minutes, cycle through*:
10 m forward bear crawl
10 m backward bear crawl
10 frog jumps (broad jump landing in squat with your chest UP!)
10 m forward scorpion walk
10 m backward scorpion walk
10 m forward crab walk
10 m backward crab walk

•This is for quality, not for reps!