24 Mar 2015 – Our Next Regularly Learn and Play New Sports Day

Regularly Learn and Play New Sports Day: CF1864 learns Yoga

The fitness we develop at the box helps us to take on challenges that we might have never thought possible. Applying our strength and skill to new sports forms part of CrossFit's 'functional fitness’ model, as well as helping you to lead a happy and rewarding life.

Join us on Sunday 26 April, 11 am – noon for our next Regularly Learn and Play New Sports Day, when we try out yoga, led by the amazing Alexandra Siebmanns.

It is no secret in the CrossFit community that yoga serves as a perfect complement to our sessions, and we're not just talking about the post-WOD recovery side! Not to mention obvious improvements in mobility and range of motion, yoga also improves your focus, balance, proprioception and breathing (and wouldn't we all love to breathe more efficiently during a 20 minute AMRAP?!)

The session is FREE to members - bring a yoga mat if you have one!


A) Bench press: Establish a new 3 rep max

B) 32 x 20 seconds on : 10 seconds off

Push-ups, deficit
Walking lunges (2 x 24 / 16 kg)
Ring row, feet elevated
Hollow hold

- Perform 8 intervals for each movement
- Perform all 8 intervals for one movement before moving onto the next
- Score is the total reps for each movement