22 Mar 2015 - Open 15.4 Skills Session

The CrossFit Open 15.4 is here and for the first time in the history of the Open we have been dealt Handstand Push Ups! 

Today we will be focusing skill practice of both cleans and HSPU ready for smashing 15.4 on Monday!


A) Movement standards and judging the dreaded HSPU.

B) Barbell & Gymnastic progressions: Cleans & HSPU/Push press

C) For those doing the 'Rx'd' workout. Alternating EMOM x 14:

Odd minutes: 2-5 Handstand Push-ups, clean reps.

By 'clean', we mean reps where you do not need to struggle through a press out. Make em' nice and crisp....and let's get those heels over the line!

Even minutes: 3 Cleans (drop and go).

Aim to perform singles with a quick re-set between reps

For those doing the 'Scaled' workout. Alternating EMOM x 14:

Odd minutes: 5 Push press 

Focus on pausing overhead, avoiding resting in the rack position. Smooth efficient cycling is the aim.

Even minutes: 3 Cleans

Over the length of the EMOM (whichever one you are doing) build up the load to the weights you will be using in either the Rx or scaled workout. Aim to spend half the EMOM at the workout weight.