01 May 2015 – Pause for Thought

I wanted to take a moment to ask you all a question....

As your coaches, our most important goal is to get you to your goals. However, as the old adage goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. We can give you all the tools and knowledge we have, but it's up to you to actually use them.

So, your pause for thought for the weekend and our question for you...

Does your behaviour match your goals?

You want a strict pull-up, but do you spend time working on your pull-up strength outside of class?

You want to shed a few kilos, but do you keep a clean diet the entire week (not just the weekdays when it's easier)?

You want a 10 kg PB on your squat/deadlift/push press, but are you making sure you get in to class on squat/deadlift/push press days? In other words, are you training consistently?

You want to snatch 80 kg, but do you make it to the skills days to hone in on that technique?

You want to improve your overhead position/front rack position/tight shoulders, but are you doing the necessary mobility, and doing it regularly? 

If you answered a resounding "Yes" to these questions, Fan-flipping-tastic! I have no doubt in my mind that, in time, you will reach all of the goals you have set.

But if you answered "No" to any of these questions, or even a "Maybe... I mean, I do some of the times, but not this past week because it was my sister / cousin / brother / dog /hamster's birthday /anniversary / hen do / bar mitzvah", use this long weekend to re-visit and re-commit to your goals, and make a strategy to ensure that your behaviour EVERY DAY is putting you on track to hit them.

Not sure what to do or where to start? Ask your coaches, we're happy to help!


10 rounds of:
30 seconds : Max rep burpees
30 seconds : Rest
30 seconds : Max rep wall ball (9/6 kg)
30 seconds : Rest

*REMEMBER: We will be running a Bank Holiday Schedule on Monday 4 May, with classes at 10 and 11 am only.