16 May 2015 – A Visit to the Archives: Marietta's Story

Before CrossFit 1864 was even a glimmer in our eye, Phil and I had, 'BroSesh Sundays', a somewhat serious, but mostly 'for the fun of it' blog. It gave us the opportunity to share information that we found interesting with anyone who cared to read it. 

Sometimes, we like to visit the BroSesh Sundays archives and share some of our favourite blogs with our CrossFit 1864 members. And today is one of those times!

Almost a year ago (I can't believe it's been that long!), I had the opportunity to train with a CrossFitter named Marietta. Read on as Marietta tells her story...

A little over a year ago I woke up the day after my birthday, 34 pounds overweight, sluggish, depressed and rapidly becoming a couch potato. I had heard about CrossFit from a niece and was intrigued by what I heard. I had seen a sign for CrossFit not too far from my home so I gathered the little energy that I could muster and drove to CrossFit Ocala-Second-2-None in Ocala, Florida. Little did I know how pivotal that decision would be!

Joey Williams, the coach at CrossFit Ocala-Second-2-None, was young, very muscly and tattooed over much of his body. I told him that I wanted to change my body and my health and he replied simply, "Let's see what you can do!" He then put me through a basic physical assessment. I failed miserably. I couldn't run 50 meters without gasping for breath. I couldn't squat without falling over and just barely managed ONE push up (and it was ugly). He told me that if I just kept coming back, I would get stronger and healthier, a statement I met with disbelief. The next morning, I woke up in more pain than I could remember ever being in, but found myself WANTING to get back to the Box to see what I could do next.

Now let's fast forward 13 months... I am doing CrossFit WODs daily. I eat strict Paleo (for the most part... I'm not perfect!), I've lost 34 lbs and I feel better than I did 20 years ago, not to mention how much better I feel than I did 13 months ago. I can now climb a 15 ft rope 5 times in a row, do 20 inch box jumps, 100+ push ups (with a few breaks thrown in), jog 800 meters, do handstand push ups, handstand walk and so much more.

I also caught the competitive bug, and last year competed in the Florida Senior Games in Powerlifting. I finished with a Gold medal in my age group. From there I made it to the IPF 2014 Master Bench Press World Championship in England (where I met Maria and got to do some bench work with her before I went to Newcastle for the meet). I came away with a Silver Medal in my age and weight class.

Today, at 5'3 and 138 lbs, I am working on breaking my 100 lb PR in bench, 105 lb front squat and 200 lb deadlift. CrossFit has changed my life 180 degrees for the better and I hope to be following this lifestyle for many more years!

A big PS:  That birthday I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  It was my 69th.

Proud to say that I'm a 70 year old CrossFitter!

Yep, you read that correctly! Marietta is 70 years young. Marietta first emailed me requesting to drop in on a morning WOD. She included a brief intro about herself and the more I read, the more excited I got. Two months into an injury that left me unable to do much else other than bench press, Marietta's email stating that she was here for a BENCH PRESS COMPETITION made me ecstatic – a new bench buddy! When I found out she was competing as a Masters athlete, I was thoroughly impressed. And then I met the woman herself and got the opportunity to experience firsthand the dedication, passion, positive attitude, good sense of humour and commitment it takes to make the drastic life changes Marietta made. Although I was only able to spend a brief amount of time with her, I know that if I am anywhere near as physically AND mentally strong at the age of 70 as she is, I've done something right in my life!

I recently asked Marietta if she had any words of wisdom to pass on to anyone starting a new training programme, young or old, CrossFit or otherwise. Here's what she had to say:

I believe that anyone can learn to get healthier, more fit, more mobile and stronger if they work with a well qualified coach/trainer, stay consistent and most of all, Never Quit!

  • First, have a physical check up with your health care professional to make sure you are healthy enough to undertake any fitness training program. If you aren't eating a healthy nutritional balanced diet, start looking into different plans.
  • Know your motivation for starting a program. If it is to become healthier and stronger, great! If it is to just lose weight, look better in a bathing suit, or to prove something to someone other than yourself, then maybe you need to reconsider what you are undertaking.
  • Give whatever program you choose at least a few months before deciding if that is the right program for you.
  • Don't compare yourself to anyone other than the you you were yesterday.
  • And finally, age is just a number, don't use it as an excuse!


"CrossFit Open 11.5"

20 minute AMRAP
5 Power Cleans (65/45 kg)
10 Toes To Bar
15 Wall Balls (9/6 kg)