27 May 2015 – WOD

Some of our crew relaxing after Memorial Day Murph


A) Gymnastics Skill Development: Strict / Kipping Pull-ups

B) In partners, complete 2 rounds for time:
20 Handstand push up (Handstand hold)
30 Pull-ups (Bar hang)
40 Kettlebell swings (32/24 kg) (Hollow hold)
50 Wall ball (Wall squat)

- P1 does 20 handstand push ups, then holds a handstand until P2 completes their handstand push ups. If P1 comes out of the handstand hold, P2 must stop doing handstand push ups until P1 is back in the handstand hold.
- Once P2 has completed 20 HSPU, P1 then moves on to 30 Pull-ups and then performs a bar hang until P2 completes their pull-ups. If P1 comes off the bar, P2 must stop doing pull-ups until P1 is back on the bar.
- Once P2 finishes 30 pull-ups, P1 begins on 50 wall balls...and so on
- On round 2, P2 starts with the HSPU