05 May 2015 – Morning Oly Skills and Evening WOD Outside

Check out all the PBs and Milestones we hit in April! Roll on May!


As mentioned in yesterday's blog, our Wednesday 5 May, 6 pm class will be taking place OUTSIDE. We will meet outside the gym and will head over to East India Dock Basin. The morning classes will take place as usual at the gym (inside...) The 6 pm class will be free of charge to all members.

6.15 and 7.15 am Classes - Taking Place at CrossFit 1864

A) Front squat with 3 second pause: 3 x 5
B) Clean pull under: EMOM x 5, Perform 2 reps
C) Hang clean: EMOM x 5, Perform 2 reps
D) 9-6-3
Hang squat clean
Burpee box jump

6 pm Classes – Meeting OUTSIDE CrossFit 1864 and taking place at East India Dock Basin

A) Skill Development: Pose Running
B) 5 rounds for time:
1 lap around the basin (800 m)
20 m Traverse push-up
20 m Burpee broad jump