15 June 2015 – Park WOD and Ribs!

Greenwich was made for Hill Sprints!

Don't forget, there are no morning or lunchtime classes on Monday 15 June and we will be meeting for our evening class at 6.30 pm at the entrance to Greenwich Park by the Greenwich Tavern


A) 8 rounds:
30 second hill sprint
1 minute rest

- Rest 3 minutes -

B) In teams of 2
18 minute AMRAP:
20m Over the partner burpees
20m Under the partner crawls
1 partner up/down hill sprint
- Each round alternate which partner completes the hill sprint

- Rest 5 minutes -

C) Working as one team, eat loads of ribs(!)

After the Park WOD, we will head to The Old Brewery in Greenwich for ribs and beer!