27 June 2015 – She Cooks, She Cleans, She Snacks

It has been a long, LONG time since I wrote a She Cooks, She Cleans blog. Sozzzzz! 

As the high performance athletes that you are all becoming, you need to be constantly fuelling your performance. This fuel should not just limited to your three main meals of the day… What do your snacks look like? An apple or piece of fruit with your coffee? Or even worse… one of those biscuits from your office canteen or a croissant from the closest café??

One of the most challenging aspects of following a balanced nutrition plan is finding a way to have good snacks. Often, when we’re feeling a bit peckish, we grab whatever is closest, quickest, and most convenient for us to quell our hunger during our busy days. And that often means eating food that not only isn’t good for us, but is actually not going to keep us feeling full for very much longer!

So, what should you eat for snacks?! This is the most common question Phil and I get from our nutrition programming clients, and to help you guys out, I have put together a short list of potential nibbles, ranging from Beginner (the easiest and quickest to prepare), to Intermediate (slightly more complicated but tastier) and Advanced (the most labour-intensive, but also the most bang for your buck!)

Have another idea for a go-to snack not listed below? Let your fellow athletes know about it in comments!

Snack time


Try to avoid things like Pulsin bars, nak’d bars, trek bars etc. Although there are definitely worse things you can snack on, these guys still have sugar lurking in them.

Instead try:

Naked Ape
A very tasty, perfect pre-workout snack of biltong, nuts and dried fruit. The more expensive option of our Beginner Snacks, but definitely the most convenient and the most portable. Buy these at the gym from the guys at Parkour, or buy them in bulk on the Naked Ape website.

Paleo Granola
You can either buy RAWnola from the gym to have at the ready whenever you’re feeling hungry, or you can make your own paleo granola following one of the MANY recipes available. Just be careful… paleo granola is incredibly more-ish!

Pret’s Protein Pot
There are Prets EVERYWHERE and at Pret they have a beautiful thing called Pret’s Protein Pot, one egg with a handful of fresh spinach. Throw some almonds in there and you’ve got the perfect snack! Can’t stomach paying £2 for a boiled egg and some spinach? Follow our star Fay’s lead and make your own at home!

Parma ham wrapped asparagus
This can be as easy as steaming some asparagus and wrapping it in parma ham, or as sophisticated as the recipe in the link above, completely up to you and your patience level!

Kale and prosciutto chips
Sometimes with snacks it’s more the texture than the actual food you’re eating that makes you feel fuller. Kale and/or prosciutto chips satiate my craving for something crispy, crunchy or salty that crisps once filled many moons ago.

Ants on a log
Oh yes, the childhood favourite is making a comeback! Take a celery stick, top with nut butter, decorate with raisins. Sit on the swings and share with your BFF.

Intermediate & Advanced

These are the recipes that require a bit more 'hands-on' time and a few more ingredients, slightly more culinary skill (although still not loads!) and, in some cases, require a knife and a fork (Advanced tools), but they also deliver much more bang for your buck! Most of these, I normally use as side dishes for dinners, and make extra to have as snacks for the rest of the week. 

Sweet potato biscuits
I know I've shared this recipe multiple times, but I can't get enough of it!

Sweet potato, apple and avocado salad
Perfect for summertime snacking!

Frittata egg cups
Frittata egg cups are border-line advanced. Getting the prosciutto situated in the muffin cups is a bit fiddly and it does require some additional prep (sauté-ing the mushrooms and spinach). But after that, it's a 'throw it all in a bowl and mix' recipe, so I'm still calling in Intermediate! These are great hot or cold and very portable. 

Butternut Squash Frittata
You gotta love a frittata! This recipe suggests squash and sausage, but feel free to be your own artist. Try bacon and squash with sage, leftover roast chicken and fresh thyme with broccoli, salmon and dill with asparagus.... Oh the possibilities!

Stuffed mushrooms
You'll definitely need a fork and knife for this one...

Hope this gave you all some good ideas and feel free to share any snacks that you enjoy in comments!


A) Deadlifts: 6 x 3

B) 3 rounds for time:
Run 800 m
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols, alternating legs
15 Knees to elbows