26 Aug 2015 – Class Schedule in September

From the end of August throughout September, we have a few temporary schedule changes (Bank Holidays and your coaches being away):

Monday 31 August (Bank Holiday): 10 and 11 am class only

Friday 18 September: 6.15 and 7.15 am class only (No 12.45 pm class)

Saturday - Sunday, 19 - 20 September: No Classes

Wednesday - Friday, 23 - 25 September: No 12.45 pm classes (all other classes will run as normally scheduled)


A) GOAT Training: Take 15-20 minutes to work on your GOAT.

B) Conditioning

B1) 1 x 400m Run, for max effort
B2) Working in pairs - "I go, you go", each athlete must complete:
6 x 400m runs @ 85%+ time of B1