03 Sept 2015 – Mobility for the Workplace Warrior

Enjoy Graeme's first blog! But first, as you read these words, how's your posture??

Hey athletes, friends, buddies and pals,

Naturally some of us are more flexible or mobile than others, whilst some possess the strength and power traits. For what we do day in, day out, it's important to have a good balance of both and be able to safely control your body.

It's so good to see everyone's training improving and it's incredibly inspiring to see so many PBs regularly going up on the whiteboard, but when was the last time you hit a mobility milestone? Have you set a goal that doesn't include the barbell or the rig? Are you doing Maria and Phil's mobility homework? If you know there's something holding you back from moving well and hitting the perfect shapes you should really be addressing it, not suffering through it!

A great thing about working on mobility and improving your positioning is that it can be worked on almost any time of the day. It doesn't have to be whilst you're in the gym, and some daily perseverance will really pay off, overall making you feel a whole lot nicer. Note: post-workout or before you go to bed is an ideal time as it helps to relax both the body and the mind!

For those who work a typical 9-5 office job, what's your posture like at your desk? It could probably be improved...am I right? If you know you're spending 8+ hours a day, fixed in a bad position, do you think it's going to magically improve when you step into the gym? Your body will soon learn these bad positions as the default and no one wants that. It's about what you do day in, day out and 'a few minutes of, say, couch stretching, will not undo eight hours of sitting with a horrible spinal position' .

If the majority of your work is done on screen, your employer should conduct a 'Display Screen Equipment' assessment which essentially ensures everything is at the correct height for your body, but it's up to you as in individual to make sure your body is in the best position it can be.

Now I'm not actually suggesting you become the weirdo in your office by wearing a neck pillow all day long (unless you have dedicated nap breaks... then you might get away with it), but you should be aware of your positioning, staying well away from the uglies. I fully support bribing your boss to get you a standing desk as the ability to regularly move around makes you a more awesome person. It has made my time at work so much more enjoyable - just don't let yourself slouch when you stand...squeeze your belly, squeeze your butt and remember straight feet are sexy feet! 

If you feel that standing all day does not interest you then there are still some less dramatic yet still effective ideas you can implement into your workplace...

But seriously, Coach M and I have been known to mash our feet into a lacrosse ball whilst getting some work done (Your tootsies have to bear your weight all day, so show them some love!). See if you can adapt the mobility homework for the workplace. Set a timer at regular intervals to go for a short walk, to get a drink of water, or to see a colleague face to face instead of emailing them. Someone's ringing your phone? Standup whilst you take the call - you'll find an increased sense of focus and everyone else in the office will think you're super important. Finally, please please please use your lunch break to take an actual break from your desk, go outside, go anywhere, go for a walk down that street that you don't know where it ends up. Be active, ideally you want to move around for at least 5 minutes out of every 30!!

The selling point of all this is if you put in conscious effort outside the gym you will make huge improvements in your workouts, but the reality is that it will also help to prevent injuries and increase your longevity.


A) Alternating EMOM x 15

Minute 1: 5 Bench press
Minute 2: 7 Bent over barbell rows
Minute 3: Rest

B) Assistance Superset

Cycle through for quality:
10/10 Single leg bulgarian split squat
10/10 Single arm strict press
10 Ring rows