09 Sept 2015 – Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Us!

1 Year,  loads of WODs, tons of steel, mountains of chalk, buckets of sweat and more wall balls and burpees than we would like to remember. 

The past 12 months would not have been possible without the support of Blane, Shirls, Dan, Kevin, Andy, James and all the guys at Parkour Generations, our good friends and of course, our members aka You Guys! A massive thanks to everyone who helped make this past year flipping awesome and here's to another year of great times and heavy lifting!

Enjoy this special Birthday WOD and be sure to stay/drop by for a small celebration after the 6 pm class!


A) Working in partners in an 'I go, you go' format,
18 minute AMRAP:

6 Front squat (60/40 kg)
4 Shoulder to overhead (60/40 kg)

* Every 4 minutes, teams will complete 9 synchronised barbell lunges

B) For time:
Eat birthday cake