02 Jan 2016 – The Change Challenge Pre-Challenge Huddle

CrossFit 1864's Change Challenge starts on Monday 4 January and to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the Challenge, we are hosting a Pre-Challenge Huddle on Sunday 3 January from 1.30 pm at the box. 

In this huddle we will talk strategy, go over the rules, show you how to use the tracking documents and answer any questions you might have about the Challenge.

We will also be taking our baseline numbers and measurements and, during the 10 and 11 am classes, we will do our baseline workout which will be re-tested in 6 weeks time. 

Taking part in the Challenge but can't make tomorrow's Huddle? Don't worry about it! You should have all the information you need already and Coach Maria will send a re-cap of the huddle to make sure you get all the details we discussed. All you'll need to do is take your own measurements, weigh yourself and pick a workout you can do at home (anything from a 5k run to a 7 minute AMREP of burpees) that you can use as your baseline WOD.

Ready to join the Challenge but haven't signed up yet? There's still time! E-mail Coach Maria or sign up here.


In Teams of 4, Complete for time:
1 km Bike / 300m Row
100 Push-ups
1 km Bike / 300m Row
100 Thrusters (50/35 kg)
1 km Bike / 300m Row
100 Burpee Box Jumps (20 in) 
1km Bike / 300m Row
100 Wall Balls (9/6 kg)

*Share the work as you see fit
**Each Athlete must do 1km on the bike / the 300 m row