15 Jan 2016 – Last Chance to sign up for the Developing Advanced Gymnastics Course!

If you loved the Gymnastics Strength we did in yesterday's WOD, couldn't get enough of the skills and want to learn more, why not sign up for our Developing Advanced Gymnastics Course? You get 12, small group, coach-led sessions programmed to give you the strength and skill you need to nail the advanced gymnastics movements that are guaranteed to be featured in the forthcoming CrossFit Open and pretty much any competition out there! In addition, with your course you will get personalised nutrition programming and supplemental homework to give you that extra edge. The course starts on 18 January and runs until 25 February.

Get more details on the course here or sign up here!


A) Conditioning

With a partner, complete 10 rounds each:

10 Hang Power Cleans (70/45 kg)
Row 15/12 calories or Airdyne 10/8 calories

B) Mobility: Hip

B1) Couch stretch, 2 minutes per side
B2) Active pigeon stretch, 15 reps per side
B3) Front splits, 90 seconds per side
B4) Side splits, 90 seconds per side
B5) Perform 50 squats for quality
- Use a mixture of air squats, back squats, front squats
- Play around with foot stance, wide, normal, narrow