26 Jan 2016 – A Visit to the Archives: Looking back on Open 2015

The 2016 CrossFit Open starts in just one month! From the blogs, emails and Facebook posts your coaches have recently put up, you probably have a pretty good idea of how we feel about the Open, but what about your fellow athletes? What was their experience of the Open? To help answer this question, we wanted to re-visit a blog we posted right after the 2015 CrossFit Open, written by our good friends Whizz and Kunal...

Originally published 16 April 2015

The 2015 CrossFit Open: Five weeks. Five workouts. Five golden opportunities to show yourself what you're capable of, how hard you can push yourself, and how much you've improved since you first started CrossFit.

While the rest of the CrossFit world prepares themselves for Regionals, the next stage of the CrossFit Games, we wanted to look back on CrossFit 1864's first Open experience through the eyes of two of our members, Whizz (aka Graeme) and Kunal. Read on as they recount their experience for each workout and what they learned...

CrossFit Open 15.1

A triplet of toes to bar, deadlifts and snatches or GTOH, followed immediately by your heaviest clean and jerk.

Whizz says: "I started CrossFit just before the 2014 CrossFit Open, so I was able to see first hand how hard people were willing to push themselves - Truly motivational! Give me a little more time and maybe I’ll be able to do that, I thought to myself... A year on and it is I who has become that person, pushing their limits and doing what I never thought I could. For Open 15.1, I learned safety first. When attempting heavy lifts, make sure your shirt is either on or off, not stuck over your face mid-rep!"

Kunal says: "For me this was the feel-good workout. I hit a decent number of reps and got a PB on my clean & jerk after a month's break from the gym (Getting married!). This workout made me believe that I was ready to nail the open. How naïve we are sometimes!!!!"

CrossFit Open 15.2

A ladder of overhead squats and chest to bar or chin over the bar pull-ups.

Whizz says: "Pain multiplier = ×5 if you ripped your hands during 15.1 - look after those mitts my friends!"

Kunal says: "This was the humbling one and made me realise the importance of doing the movements perfectly and practising my weaknesses. I came to the box thinking I will do ring rows, unable to do even a single pull up. Unfortunately, rings rows weren't an option, but this has pushed me towards my next goal... to get my first pull-up done!"

CrossFit Open 15.3

Muscle ups, wall balls and double unders or wall balls and single skips

Kunal says: "This was the best workout for me and I actually really enjoyed it. It gave me a good gauge of how much my fitness has improved over the past couple of months."

Whizz says: "There were a lot of complaints in the CrossFit world due to the skill level required in the Rx version of this one, but seeing as so many people took on the challenge and succeeded in getting their first muscle ups (including Whizz!) or string of double unders I think they should really be thankful! You never know what you can do until you try." 

CrossFit Open 15.4

Handstand push ups or push press and cleans, again with increasing reps.

Whizz says: "This was an interesting one, where your arms just decided to stop working!"

Kunal says: "This taught me the pain of the "No-Rep". 25 no reps on a push press. I will never forget the guilt-stricken look on Emma's face every time she had to no rep me. Although frustrating, I learned the importance of making every rep count, staying calm and never giving up."

CrossFit Open 15.5

27-21-15-9 Row for calories and thrusters

Kunal says: "It killed me! Took me a while to walk back to the DLR station..."

And Whizz agrees: "No one should've planned to walk anywhere straight after this...it hurt!"

What do you think overall?

Whizz says: "It's a sweaty, painful, 5 week long challenge that sounds a bit stupid to those outside the box. But it's what we do week in, week out, so you get through it, and help those around you get through it as well. I'd bet everyone has come out the other side having learned, improved, or enjoyed it more than they first thought they might. It's a great opportunity to lay down some benchmarks to retest at a later date whilst seeing how you stack up against those around you (and around the world). And it's pretty good fun!"

Kunal says: "It's been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my CrossFit journey to date. Each workout was something special and there is something in every workout which I would proudly take away. But will I do it ever again??..... Of course. (PS: When is the next one Maria??)"

So, what are you waiting for? Get signed up for the 2016 Open today!

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A) Strength: Back squat
Perform 3 x 10
- Rest as needed between sets

B) Strength: Gymnastics
For time:
20 Strict handstand push up
30 Strict Chest to bar pull-ups
40 Toes to bar, kipping
- Time cap: 15 minutes