07 Jan 2016 - There's nothing quite like that First Muscle Up Feeling

The day you finally decide Today is The Day.

Adjusting the rings millimetre by millimetre until they are just the right height... The thoughts going through your head as you chalk your hands for the millionth time... Toes THEN hips to rings... BIG hips to rings, BIG pull... The anticipation as you jump on to the rings and adjust your false grip... the swings that are more there to convince yourself you can do it then to actually help you gain momentum, 3...2...1... you're on top of the rings! A crowd of people gathers around you... kick and press, kick and press, press, press... LOCK OUT! You just did a muscle up and the crowd ROOOOAAARSSSSS!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of elation and accomplishment you get when you hit your first muscle up. So, why not sign up for CrossFit 1864's Developing Advanced Gymnastics course so you can get that feeling as well?! The 6-week course includes 2, 1-hour sessions per week specifically programmed to get you the strength and skill you need to get you on top of those rings. In addition, during the course, you get personalised nutrition advice and mobility homework to make sure you have all your bases covered in your pursuit of Gymnastics Ninja Status!

What are you waiting for?! Sign up today!


A) Strength: Press & Lunge

Alternating EMOM x 10
Even minute: 5 Strict press (Athletes choose load)
Odd minute: 10 Front rack lunges (Athletes choose load)

B) Gymnastics: Muscle-up

Op1) Toenail box dips: 7 x 3
Op2) Muscle-up negative: 7 x 1
Op3) Strict muscle-up: 7 x 1 (Add load as needed)