10 Jan 2016 – Foundations of CrossFit & Competition Classes & BtWB Brush-up Session today!

Sunday 10 January is the day of many firsts! In addition to our first Competition Class and Foundations of CrossFit class, today is also the first of our Beyond the Whiteboard Brush-up sessions, where you can speak with your coaches and ask any questions about BtWB. We'll be at Notes in Crossrail Place from approx. 12.30 pm. Join Coach Maria for a coffee, a natter and some stats!    


CrossFit (11 am - Noon)

A) In 10 minutes:
Run 1 mile
In remaining time:
AMREP Clean & jerks (60 / 40kg) 

Rest 3 minutes

B) In 7 minutes:
Run 800m
In remaining time:
AMREP snatch (50 / 35kg)

Rest 3 minutes

C) In 4 minutes:
Run 400m
In remaining time:
AMREP thrusters (42.5 / 30kg)

Competition Class (9.30 - 11.30 am)

A) Weightlifting: Clean

A1) Halting clean pull: 10 x 2 climbing
* Pause above the knee before finishing the second pull
A2) Clean & Jerk: Work up to a heavy complex of Power Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

B) Conditioning - As Above
Clean & Jerk (70/45 kg)
Snatch (60/40 kg)
Thruster (50/35 kg)

Foundations of CrossFit (8.30 - 9.30 am)

A) Foundational Movement: The Squat

B) Back Squat: 3-5 x 5

C) 7 minute AMRAP:
10 Front squat
10 Down ups
10 Ring Rows