25 Oct 2016 – Get Involved in Box Battles!

Have you registered for the London Box Battles?

For Round 3 of the London Box Battles, we're taking the battle to our home turf! We will be going up against CrossFit Evolving at CrossFit 1864 on Sunday 6 November from 9 am. This round will be an Individual competition, with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divisions.

What is the London Box Battles?

The London Box Battles is a league-style CrossFit competition involving boxes in and around London. With Beginner (Group C), Intermediate (Group B) and Advanced (Group A) divisions, this is a great competition for all levels of athlete, not to mention a great way to meet athletes from other boxes! 

What are the WODs?

The WODs for this round have just been announced on the London Box Battles Website, here

How do I register?

There is a registration fee of £15 per athlete. To participate, you will need to register via the London Box Battles Registration page, here. This fee goes towards the prizes for the overall division winners and food / snacks for participants.

Please email Coach Maria if you have any questions and see you all on the battlefield!


A) Conditioning

In pairs, 20 minute AMRAP:
15 Calorie row
15 Over the box jumps (24/20 in)
15 Sandbag (or heavy goblet) squat

P1 completes the calorie row
P2 completes the over the box jumps
P1 completes the sandbag squats (thats 1 round)
P2 completes the calorie row...and so on

B) Bonus Gainz: Grip & Oblique Development

Single arm farmer's carry, 200m left side
Single arm farmer's carry, 200m right side
*Stay upright and keep shoulders over the hips