15 Mar 2016 – Introducing 'Engine Work', starting this Sunday!

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

'Engine Work' begins this Sunday, 20 March at 8.30 am. 

Engine Work is our new class, free to all members, taking place every Sunday from 8.30 – 9.30 am. With Engine Work, our aim is to develop and improve upon our athletes’ conditioning, building a strong aerobic base, as well as developing anaerobic capacity.

Need a brush up on what all this aerobic and anaerobic stuff is? Check Coach Phil’s blog from many moons ago… 

Engine Work will follow a similar structure to our regular CrossFit classes, with a few differences.

First and foremost, our focus will be on the foundational functional movements. At Engine Work, you will see loads of squats, lunges, hinging, pushing, pulling, jumping, running, rowing, and carries - all movements that can be scaled UP OR DOWN according to your needs and goals. We might even get some time in on the Assault Bike... However, you will not see any complex barbell movements (such as Olympic lifts) or heavy weights in Engine Work.

The workout format will also be slightly different than our regular classes. To work on our engines we need to develop our aerobic base, which means we need to hit longer workouts, anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes in length, with some intense intervals thrown in (akin to the Aerobic Cycle we started in October).

The best thing about 'Engine Work' is that it is for EVERYONE.

Engine Work is a great way for athletes new to training and CrossFit to transition into the higher intensity style of training that CrossFit offers. The class also provides that extra time to work on nailing the fundamental squat/hinge/press movements before you start working on the more complex or heavier lifts.

Engine Work is also great for when life happens. Work commitments and travel keep you from training as much as you’d like. An injury that you’re recovering from means that you can’t go straight in to snatching again. You have a shoulder niggle which is getting better, but still bothers you when you try to lift heavy. This is where Engine Work comes in to save the day. This class offers an excellent way to ease back into training after time away or to train around injury.

Finally, Engine Work provides massive benefits to even the most experienced of CrossFitters. To be a well-rounded athlete, you need a strong aerobic base. To do well in the high intensity workouts you see in competitions and in our CrossFit classes, you need a strong aerobic base. To be faster, stronger and last longer, guess what you need? A Strong Aerobic Base. Although you won’t be throwing around loads of heavy metal at Engine Work, trust us, this class will be CHALLENGING. If you need to work on your stamina and endurance (AKA everyone reading this blog), this class is a MUST.

Engine Work is in Team up now, get booked in today! 


A) Strength / Conditioning

20 minute AMRAP:
3 Power Cleans (82.5/50 kg)
3 Front Squats (82.5/50 kg)
3 Jerks (82.5/50 kg)

- This is primarily a strength workout, it should be heavy, it should be hard!
- If you can perform each movement at the Rx load, use it!

B) Gymnastics Midline funzies!

For 15 minutes, alternate between
Max front lever progression hold
Max planche progression hold