17 Mar 2016 – BroSesh Sundays: The Birthday BroDown, Sunday 10 April

Prepare yourself for ALL the birthday fist bumps!

Get ready for The Birthday BroDown!

Our next BroSesh Sunday will be Sunday 10 April from 10.30 - noon. Now, this isn't just any ol' BroSesh.... this is a sesh of EPIC proportions to celebrate the birthday of the original Bro... Coach Phil! And we all know that all he wants for his birthday are bicep curls!

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A) Strength / Conditioning

In Teams of 3

A1) 7 minute AMRAP of Push press:
50 reps at 50/35 kg
50 reps at 60/40 kg
AMRAP at 70/45 kg

- Rest 3 minutes -

A2) 7 minute AMRAP of Overhead lunge:
50 reps at 40/30 kg
50 reps at 50/35 kg
AMRAP at 60/40 kg

– Rest 3 minutes – 

A3) 7 minutes, for distance:
Farmer's carry with two kettlebells 32/24kg