12 Mar 2016 - Welcome to CF1864's Interns!

The coaching team would like to give a warm welcome to CrossFit 1864's newest interns, Beth Massey and Josh 'Salt' Salthouse! Beth and Salt will be beginning their internship next week. For their first phase, they will be observing classes and the coaches, so don't be surprised if you see them standing in the corner, scribbling loads of notes!


A) Conditioning

A1) In 10 minutes:
1 mile run
In remaining time:
Max rep squat snatch (60/40 kg)

- Rest 3 minutes -

A2) In 7 minutes:
800 m run
In remaining time:
Max rep front squat (60/40 kg)

- Rest 3 minutes -

A3) In 4 minutes:
400 m run
In remaining time max rep thruster (60/40 kg)