20 Apr 2016 – WOD


A) Lower Body Max Effort

Sumo Deadlift: In 15 minutes establish a heavy set of 3 reps

B) Assistance Work

Box step up @ 20" with barbell on the back: 3 x 12/12
*Do not push off the back foot
*Heavy as form allows

C) Conditioning / Accessory

C1) 21-15-9
Kettlebell Swing (32/24 kg)
Box jump (30/24 in)
(Time cap: 6 minutes)

C2) Midline Finisher (If time allows)
10 Tuck to V-Up complexes

followed by…

100 Hollow body bounces

followed by…

Three sets of:
L-sit flutter kicks on kettlebells x 15-30 seconds

Rest as needed