27 Apr 2016 – Introducing our New Personalised Programming Package

We are very excited to announce the launch of P3, our new Personalised Programming Package at CrossFit 1864! Perfect for any of our members working towards a specific goal (training for that next marathon?!) or looking to iron out weaknesses, whether they be in barbell strength, technique, gymnastics or mobility, CrossFit 1864's Personalised Programming provides athletes with all the tools they need to realise their true athletic potential.

P3 includes...

  • One 60-minute PT session per month, where you will meet with your coach to go over your goals, discuss your programme and assess your movement (and teach you any movements or drills).
  • After your PT session, you will receive four weeks' of 2-3 sessions of individualised programming suited to your goals and ability to complement your current training in our group sessions.
  • Athletes on our Personalised Programming will also have access to our Open Gym to work on their individual programmes. 

To be eligible for P3, you must currently be on our Unlimited package. P3 is £79 per month, on a rolling month-to-month basis. 


When is Open Gym?

We will be offering Open Gym during our current class times, which you can find here. There will be two Open Gym spaces per hour and members using Open Gym will need to register for their time slot on Team up, just like they do for classes. Classes will have priority over space and equipment, but every effort will be made to ensure that members using Open Gym have everything they need to complete their sessions. 

Why do I need to be on Unlimited to be eligible for P3?

Members training three or less times per week will get more benefit from training more often. We recommend that, before you try to add in any supplemental or specific training to your programme, you aim to increase the frequency of your sessions, which will give you more exposure to additional strength, endurance and mobility/stability work in our group sessions. 

How long will each of my individually programmed sessions be?

Each session will be programmed according to your availability and goals, as established in your first PT session with your coach. Typically, sessions will be programmed to take any where from 30 - 60 minutes.

Should I do P3 in place of group classes?

Definitely Not. P3 is programmed to complement, not replace your group classes. In the group classes, you get the intensity, the coaching cues and the community aspect which is why you started CrossFit in the first place! P3 is designed to give you the extra edge, bringing you closer to your goals and addressing any weaknesses or imbalances that are specific to you. 

Want to find out more?

E-mail Coach Phil, phil@crossfit1864.com, with any questions or to schedule your first session!


A) Lower Body Max Effort

Overhead squat: In 15 minutes build to a heavy set of 2 reps, each with a 3 second pause in the bottom

B) Assistance Work

Alternating EMOM x 12
Minute 1: 12 Back rack lunge, alternating legs
Minute 2: 8 Romanian deadlifts @ tempo 31X1
Minute 3: Rest

C) Conditioning / Accessory

Partner Workout

10 minute AMRAP:
P1: Farmers Carry for distance (As heavy as possible)
P2: Plank hold

Partner 2 holds a plank position while partner 1 walks as far as possible with 2 kettlebells. When partner 1 drops the kettlebells, they switch with partner 2