23 May 2016 – Murph is Coming.... in one week!

Memorial Day Murph is just one week away! And you thought Woehlke was rough...

Don't forget to sign up via Team up, let us know your target time on our Facebook page, and bring in your donation for our chosen charity, Deptherapy.


A) Strength / Stamina

3 Rounds, each for time, of “Double DT”:
24 Deadlifts (70/47.5 kg)
18 Hang power cleans (70/47.5 kg)
12 Push jerks (70/47.5 kg)

- Rest 2 minutes between rounds
- Time cap: 20 minutes

B) Gymnastics

Alternating EMOM x 12
Minute 1: 30 seconds of hollow hold to tuck sit, hold for 3 seconds on the top and bottom positions
Minute 2: 15-20 seconds chest to bar hold
Minute 3: 15-20 seconds dip support