25 May 2016 – Memorial Day Murph: Important Updates, Heat Sign-up & Extended Time Cap

We have had a great response to Memorial Day Murph and, as such, we have needed to make a few small logistical changes to make sure everyone can join in and everyone has a chance to finish the workout.

So, here are the details....

We will be taking on Memorial Day Murph on Bank Holiday Monday, 30 May (no change there!). 

Need a reminder of what Memorial Day Murph is? Check out our blog.

The Heats
We will run three heats: the first heat will start at 9 am, the second heat will start at 10 am, and the third and final heat will start at 11 am. PLEASE NOTE: when the heat begins, Murph begins, so please show up to your heat ON TIME! To make sure we have enough space and equipment, you will need to sign up for the heat you would like to attend on the Google Sheet here:

Memorial Day Murph Heat Sheet

If you plan on wearing a weight vest, please put a "Y" in the "Weight Vest" column. As mentioned in our previous blog, weight vests are on a first come, first serve basis. We have three 10 kg vests (Male Rx) and one 7 kg weight vest (Female Rx) available to use. If you are bringing your own weight vest, don't worry about ticking the box. If you need to refresh your memory on whether or not you should wear a vest for the workout, check out our blog here.

Running the heats this way means that you have the full 60 minutes to complete the workout! 

The Warm-up
Similarly to how we ran Open 16.1 and Open 16.5, we will be posting a warm-up on the blog which you will need to do on your own. We recommend getting to the box 15 minutes before your heat starts to get in enough time to finish the warm-up.  

The Charity
Memorial Day Murph is free to all members and non-members of CrossFit 1864. All we ask is that you donate to this year's chosen charity, Deptherapy. You can do this by bringing your donation to the box on the day, or by visiting the charity's Justgiving page.

That Buzzzzzzzz
There is nothing quite like the electricity, the atmosphere, the buzzzzzz our box gets when we all come together as a community and cheer each other on - so let's have that at Memorial Day Murph! Regardless of when your heat is, we want you to come in early or stay late to cheer on your fellow athletes. It's a brutal workout and they are going to need all the encouragement you can give!

We can't wait to see all you Crazy Ones smash your goals, PB your Murph times, have fun and raise some money for a great cause. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send them our way!


A) Strength / Stamina: Push Press

A1) 10 minutes to establish a 5 rep max

A2) Every 3 minutes, complete a set of push press:
3 reps @ 95%
10 reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 90%
15 reps @ 70%
3 reps @ 85%
20 reps @ 65%

B) Gymnastics

Every minute, on the minute for 12 minutes (4 sets per movement), alternate between

Minute 1: 30 seconds chinese plank, supine
Minute 2: 5/5 Pistol
Minute 3: 1-2 Legless rope climbs